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Apart from being one of those annoying websites that has deliberately misspelt its name, Twinkl (have had to delete the ‘e’ off the end of it several times now) is actually pretty ace.

It’s a primary school resource website, for those not familiar with it, and has both free and premium accounts. It’s used by parents and schools alike and has some really great resources.

I was a member before they asked me to review it, but only with a free account. The premium account costs £29.99 for a years membership. I say I was a member – I joined, but not being a flashcards kind of mum, I never really got around to doing much bar a quick look around the site.

But with a free premium membership to review I thought I’d better have a proper look around. After a good nosey I downloaded a couple of activities to see how amenable to school work outside of school the kids would be.

They loved it.

It was a dreary afternoon with nothing much going on and a project from mummy’s computer was just the thing to cease the endless cries of “I’m bored! I’ve got nothing to do!”

The youngest found a Very Hungry Caterpillar project to do which is his absolute second most favourite book in the whole world.

Son: “I love Very Hungry Caterpillar.”
Me: “Is that your favourite book?”
Son: “No. It’s my second favourite book.”
Me: “What’s you favourite?”
Son: Puts finger on lip and thinks. “I don’t know.”
*rolls eyes*

Anyway… he  loved cutting and sticking and sorting the pictures out into the correct order, referring to his own copy of the book to make sure he had it right. He was so proud of it that he stuck it into his home journal to show his teachers on Monday.

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twinkl very hungry caterpillar

twinkl review

The Girl chose a Gruffalo project which meant she had to read the Gruffalo and then answer questions and write a summary of the book. This was great for her as she is a bit of a rush reader and often misses what the book is about because of it. It made her really read it properly and go back to look up things later.

Twinkl review

twinkle review

I wasn’t expecting it to be such a success. I’m not sure how I felt beforehand about extra school work outside of school, but the kids loved it and keep asking when they can do a new project from mummy’s computer. I’ll definitely be going back for some more wet weekend activities.

Cheers Twinkl(e). Man, that missing E is annoying.

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