Vikings, Boats and Kangaroos

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The only things I know about cruises I’ve learnt from watching Titanic and going on the ferry over the Irish Sea:┬áit’s rough, makes me feel sick and they have a lot of trouble with icebergs.

Oh and that article I read about people mysteriously (allegedly) going missing off Disney Cruises and Disney (allegedly) covering it up.

So it’s rough, makes me feel sick, iceberg problem and people go missing.

Despite all of this I’ve still always fancied going on one. Not the sort of posh 67-changes-of-clothing-and-dinner-at-the-captains-table type cruises though. Do other sorts exist? Ones with more normal people and less Daily Mail readers? God, imagine being stuck on a ship with 200 Daily Mail readers!

We’ve been watching the TV series Vikings lately: a bloody and brutal series about the murderous antics of a group of gorgeous Vikings.

vikingsIt’s really very good. Even the bits where he’s wearing clothes. It appears to be set in Norway and has plenty of shots of soaring mountains over fjords which has got me thinking about cruising up the fjords and whale watching and stuff.

It always looks so sunny and calm and lovely in the pictures. Does it get rough? I get sea sick – would I hate it? I really would like to try it and Norway seems like a good enough place to do it.

And then I figured, well if I’m going to do a cruise, why limit it to Norway? My absolute dream holiday would be to Australia and New Zealand – why not go on a cruise there?

But would you get to see kangaroos and such like or are they more of an inland rather than coastal creature?

I could go over with Cruise1st Aus and visit VegemiteVix and go and see where they filmed Lord of the Rings and look at sheep and things. Cause they’re are all bound to be really close, what with Australia and New Zealand being two really tiny countries within touching distance of each other. Ahem.

Okay, okay, I know they’re not. Now.

I might have done some Googling.

But seriously though, have you been on a cruise? Was it great or awful? Did you get seasick? Was it full of Daily Fail readers?


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  1. Lou Lou
    June 28, 2013 at 4:18 pm (2 years ago)

    My vote? Go to Australia but skip the cruise!


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