Beer and Bingo – the really important issues

This is not a spoof. It’s an actual real thing.

beer and bingo conservative advert

Never mind the lack of jobs; the soaring costs of fuel, food and well, everything; to hell with the ludicrous bedroom tax and the hundreds of disabled and poverty stricken people committing suicide after horrific and frankly quite evil cuts. Hang the fracking that threatens to destroy vast swathes of the UK, public forests being sold off for profit that will profit nobody that lives near them and a school system that is being systematically destroyed by people with no actual teaching experience who think they know better than those that have been teaching and nurturing young minds for years.

Never mind the way the country is being run by a bunch of elitist, self serving, condescending cretins whose only interest is in keeping the perpetual circulation of money moving between them and their old school chums.

Let’s get to the heart of the real issues that affect the working classes: beer and bingo and Cause that’s the sort of thing ‘they’ like, isn’t it?

What next, free flat caps and copies of The Sun newspaper for all?

beer and bingo for the plebs

It’s the political version of being petted on the head and told not to bother my poor little girly head with trying understand some big, complex thing that only a man can truly fathom. And it makes me burn with the very same ball of incandescent rage.

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  1. Very Bored in Catalunya
    March 20, 2014 at 9:33 pm (2 years ago)

    What, wait? I thought that really was a spoof. God they really are a bunch of condescending wankers aren’t they!


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